The very earliest of early access to a game that doesn't even exist. Probably.
4 Equipment pieces
The Most Realistic Water™️
Small but quite infinite world
3 Frames per second
Build grass everywhere

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Your Brand New World
Join the game on Why Dungeons.
Early Access
This game is in a very early access stage. There are absolutely no guarantees whether it will end up being a RPG, flight simulator, or battle royale farming with elements of psychological horror.
On the other hand - the earlier you join, the more influence you have on the final game.
System Requirements
You play Why Dungeons via browser, so make sure your browser is updated to the latest version. Besides that, the only requirement is an active internet connection. Game files are streamed automatically when you play.
Please keep in mind that during the early access performance of the game can be a little bit questionable.
If you have any touble playing let us know at
Game as a Service or Subcriptions
At this point there is no plan to make Why Dungeons a "game-as-a-service" type of game. The only time you pay for the game is during the registration, no active subcription is necessary afterwards.
Thank you for supporting the project ❤️
This is a very early access game. As much as it is heartbreaking for us, it is quite possible that you will not be completely satisfied with it at this point. Activation fee is rather a sign of support, not a game sale.
If you would like to refund your activation fee let us know at