Connecting furniture designers with spatial thinkers.
Build pretty buildings
Design unique interiors
Use plenty of stylish furniture
Export to 3D and social media
Easily collaborate on projects

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Common Ground.
The goal of Common is to connect spatial designers with furniture makers. We prepare an environment that is fun, professional and productive - and fill it with real furniture models. Furniture that can be ordered right away when the project is completed.
As we realised our library of furniture will grow huge over time - we stand prepared for it. The app’s search mechanisms are designed to make browsing furniture models fast and easy. Common determines results & recommendations based not on the popularity, but on how new pieces will influence the feel and looks of the project. We are dedicated to promote furniture makers of all sizes and styles.
In certain projects, team work is essential. Team invitations allow two or more people to collaborate on a single project without having to be next to one another. All participants can join the building process, add and remove objects, comment, and engage in discussions. Every project can be easily exported and shared in a variety of forms - an interactive 3d preview, rendered images, or PDF blueprints. This makes it easy for the clients to understand the concept and evaluate the work on every step of the project.
Common makes it easy to plan out and follow the project’s budget. As the design is built, we sketch out the final price and availability, based on the information we receive from the furniture manufacturers. The final quota - including pricing, taxes, and shipping options - can be shared, printed out, or ordered with a single click.